Town Of Paris

Town of Paris

2580 Sulphur Springs Rd
Sauquoit, NY 13456
315-839-6208 or 315-839-5678 ext 4
Hours of Operation:

Court is held on Monday 5 - 7 P.M. 

DA night is typically held on the second Monday of the month.

Please note that court is not held on any Federal Holiday that falls on a Monday 

Court room telephones are only answered when the court clerk is present. Therefore, call only on Mondays after 4:30 PM. No other department can answer questions or take messages for the court system.

Dotti Spina
Town Justice
Phone: 315-839-6208
Deborah Kress
Town Justice
Phone: 839-6208
Town of Paris Justice
Hon. Dotti H Spina
2580 Sulphur Springs Rd
Sauquoit, NY 13456
Phone: 315-839-6208
Fax: 315-839-6209
Website: /
Town of Paris Justice
Hon. Deborah S Kress
2580 Sulphur Springs Rd
Sauquoit, NY 13456
Phone: 315-839-6208
Fax: 315-839-6209
Website: /
When is Court Held?

Court is held on every Monday night, starting at 5 PM. To contact the Court, please call 315-839-6208 or 315-839-5678 and chose from the options menu.

Please note that court is not held on any Monday night that falls on a Federal Holiday 

When is DA night?
DA night is held every second Monday night at 5 PM
Payment Options

Payments may be made on line at   - or by calling (888) 912-1541

This is a live/Bi-lingual call center, operational  Monday-Friday from 8am-9pm & Saturday-Sunday from 9am-6pm EST.

What if I cannot read my ticket to see what court location or time to report?
Contact the Police agency that issued the ticket, they will advise you as to the proper date and court.
What if I disagree with the charges on the ticket?
The court is the judicial branch that inteprets the law. You must appear in court and your options will be explained to you.
How do I know if I need an attorney?
If you are unsure of the charges, or how to proceed, then you may need to consult an attorney. However, this is an individual decision, and no officer of the court can give you legal advice.
Can I reschedule the time and date of my appearance if I am working or out of town?
If you are charged with a violation, you may plea by mail and will not have to appear in court for arraignment. If you are charged with a misdemeanor, you must appear on the given date and time or a warrant may be issued for your arrest.
I just want to mail in the ticket and pay the fine. What is the process?
Follow the procedures written on your ticket and if you wish to plead guilty, once the plea is received the judge will determine the fine and surcharge and you will receive a fine notice in the mail.
What if I wish to plead not guilty?
Follow the procedure on your ticket. Once the court receives a not guilty plea you will be notified by mail of your trial date and  time.
What type of payments are acceptable?
Mailed payments must be either money orders or certified checks. Personal checks will be returned to the sender. In person payments can be made by cash of Matercard of Visa during court hours. Credit cards will not be accepted over the phone. Please be aware there is a 2.99% fee from the vendor of the credit card machine. This is not part of your fine and does not go to the state or the town.
What if I miss my court date?
You may plea by mail following the directions on your ticket. Or, you may appear at the next regular court date.
What do I do once my license has been suspended?

If you have been suspended for failure to appear, you must appear in court on a regular court date. If you have been suspended for failure to pay your fine, please contact the court to confirm your total amount due. Please see acceptable types of payments above.

How long does it take for the suspension to be lifted?
Once all fines/fees/surcharges are paid, the court will immediately lift your suspension with the DMV, and electronically notify the DMV that you have paid.
How can I get a ticket dismissed for an equipment violation?
Some equipment violations can be corrected within the first day after the ticket was issued. The ticket will have a correction form attached if this is the case. Have the form signed and date by a police officer or certified mechanic and mail the correction form in along with the ticket. Please note: A ticket for past due inspection is not an eqiupment violation that can be corrected with this form.
Can I just fix it myself and mail the court a receipt?
No. You must have a properly signed and filled out statement of correction in order for the ticket to be dismissed.
I have questions and need advice about filing a small claim.

The court cannot give you any legal advice. A guidebook for small claims can be found here, and should answer many of your questions: 

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